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Guard rails, speed bumps and yellow lines

These are are physical barriers designed for safety and controlling traffic flow. Typically, they are installed after a road is built.  I wonder why some people choose to install similar types of barriers before relationships get built? When they do, … Continue reading

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What if?

There are two options, “What if it doesn’t work out”? and “What if it does work out”?  “It”, can be anything you want it to be. The natural tendancy with most people is to take the negative approach first. It’s … Continue reading

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Stepping out from the shadows…..

Just do it. You’ll be very surprised what can happen when the light shines on you.

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Which way do you go?

You have a choice. Take the Easy path or the More Difficult one. It’s decision time, but you have to decide without having all the information. How easy is it? Why is the other path more difficult. Fear of making … Continue reading

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Living fearfully or fearlessly

Like anything else, the way we make decisions is a choice. If you are full of fear of what might happen if you change something in your life you likely will decide to do nothing. Doing nothing usually results in … Continue reading

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Worrying defined

Full credit for this brilliant insight goes to Roy Williams from his Monday Morning Memo. Worrying about something is “borrowing trouble from tomorrow”. As I said, that is brilliant. This helps to explain why so many people are in debt! … Continue reading

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Anxiety defined

Fear plus planning = anxiety

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