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It’s very possible to increase yours, even without the feeling that it’s hard work. Pick something that you have an interest in, are curious about or have a passion for or simply recognize a natural talent that you are fortunate … Continue reading

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Most of us want to travel more than we do, because it’s good to “get away”.  I especially like the planning phase of a trip too. I believe though that there is a way to become a tourist more often … Continue reading

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What do we know?

We know a lot about a lot of things. And if we choose, we can access more information about anything, sometimes more information than we can manage.  Some knowledge though can’t be found in an online search. When it comes … Continue reading

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Missing the point

Isn’t the purpose of going to a live concert to enjoy the experience of the artist’s music and their show? There is even some entertainment value provided by the audience, especially the vibe that comes from people who are there … Continue reading

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Telling the truth

A friend recently asked me if I knew someone and what I knew about them? I told the truth based on what I knew of this person and it was not a good review. Why was it good to tell … Continue reading

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Your body of knowledge

Your vast body of knowledge is built up by your life’s experience. I think this is the one way obesity is good!

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How to Increase the Value of What You Know

You are educated and you have gained experience in the workplace. You may have spent a good portion of your work life in one specific industry and believe you really know your stuff. Why then are so many of you … Continue reading

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