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Which way do you go?

You have a choice. Take the Easy path or the More Difficult one. It’s decision time, but you have to decide without having all the information. How easy is it? Why is the other path more difficult. Fear of making … Continue reading

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Fixing a problem

It’s much easier to make slight adjustments in your thinking and behaviors than it is to work on fixing the root cause of the problem or issue you are facing. In fact, small corrections are short term and just the … Continue reading

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How to be disciplined

Become a disciple. People like this believe, truly believe in their heart of hearts that what they are doing, whatever that may be, is worth it to themselves and others. If you don’t believe in the value of exercise you … Continue reading

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Trying Harder

How does an Average White Shark become a Great White Shark? I wonder, is there an Excellent White Shark?

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