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How invested are you?

I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about living. We can invest in our thinking, behaviours, emotions, relationships, education, careers, business, giving, receiving, health and anything else you can’t go to a store and buy.  The question to ask yourself … Continue reading

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New job titles

Here is another example of how the workplace is changing. Ford has a person in the position of Global Director for Human-Machine Interface. How cool is that! I wonder what qualifications a person needs to get that gig? Part human, … Continue reading

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A Good Question….To Ask Yourself!

I was recently reading an article about questions employers could ask, or should not ask, of prospective employees in the hiring process. No, this was not one of those articles that listed what would be considered trick questions, such as … Continue reading

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Job titles

I wonder if the workplace is changing because there are new and different roles being created or is it just the same positions being given a new title? My favourite is “Experience Manager”. What the hell is that? The title … Continue reading

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I’m wondering, again. Is this course still offered? Not that I’m interested! How about DIY auto repair?

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