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Wise Words #13

“We are witnessing a seismic change to consumer behaviour. And as a result of that, every company must understand that embracing the status quo as an operating principle is going to be basically a collision course with time” Howard Schultz, … Continue reading

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Sign of creativity

I saw this displayed on the tailgate of a welding truck…. “We can weld anything, except the crack of dawn”. If I ever needed a welder, I know who I would hire!

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The Betterizer

Does your business have one? Amazon does. Just click on their Betterizer tab and you are asked what you like in music, movies and books. The result is they now have a better idea of what will entice you to … Continue reading

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Open and Closed

I wonder if there is a better way for a local small business to say they are Open or Closed? Perhaps their sign could say something more welcoming, or personal or more humourous? A little neon personality wouldn’t hurt and … Continue reading

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