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Mental Relaxation

Have you ever been somewhere and you wanted to leave? Have you ever been with someone and you wanted to be somewhere else? It happens all the time right? I wonder if this happens because we are not relaxed mentally? … Continue reading

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National Anthem Behaviour

It’s one thing when the arena announcer has to remind fans to remove their hats before the singing of the national anthems at a large sporting event. I wonder if people forgot what the protocol is or is it that … Continue reading

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Wise words #10

“Our ability to gain and hold attention depends entirely upon our ability to stimulate the curiosity of others”. Roy Williams

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Are you listening?

And I mean really listening to what someone is saying! Or, are you thinking how to reply or what to say next? Or, are you distracted by what is going on around you? Or is your attention taken away by … Continue reading

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Creating attention….for yourself

I recently had a printing company design and print my own personal card. It’s the same universal size as any business card but it only contains my personal contact information. The front includes the usual coordinates like cell phone, home … Continue reading

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Work Productivity

I wonder how much more I could accomplish in a work day if every 30 minutes I asked myself what have I accomplished in the last half hour. Not just list what has kept me busy, but actually add up … Continue reading

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How long is long enough?

I received an e-mail from a friend with an attached video with a message that said I just had to watch it, “you’ll really enjoy it and it’s only 6 minutes long”. My first thought? Who has 6 minutes to … Continue reading

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