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Yes, there is an app for that! I have one that lets me make daily entries, like a journal.  I often open the app without knowing what I’m going to say I am grateful for. Doing this forces me to … Continue reading

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Most of us want to travel more than we do, because it’s good to “get away”.  I especially like the planning phase of a trip too. I believe though that there is a way to become a tourist more often … Continue reading

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Do something good today!

Here’s a suggestion. If someone representing a business you’re dealing with, from the person taking your order at the drive through to a service person fixing some sort of problem for you, and they do something that impresses you, go … Continue reading

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Sitting on the deck of my bay

I don’t usually do this. Rarely do I reveal where I am or what I’m doing. The exception is a result of my deep appreciation for what I’m experiencing at this moment.  It’s the Thankgiving weekend in Canada. Tomorrow, Monday, … Continue reading

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Unappreciated Applause

I recently attended a conference where I was sitting in a local theatre watching live video of speakers who were presenting their talks at an event hosted in another city. It’s a great concept because it’s like being at the … Continue reading

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