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Words of wisdom

In a Globe and Mail article about how Google Wallet, Apple Pay and PayPal are on the early edge of disrupting the traditional banking system there is a quote from Dave McKay, the CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada … Continue reading

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Home Expenses

Or is that “it sure is getting expensive to stay home”? It used to be that you spent money on things when you went out. Not now. Today, while at home, you can buy books and groceries from Amazon Prime … Continue reading

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Deep Pockets

In a recent conversation with a friend, while we were talking about the apparent issue with the bendable iPhone 6+, I predicted that someone is going to change fashion design by creating pants or jeans with bigger pockets. It’s already … Continue reading

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Apple’s core

Cook said, “noting that its retail outlets now see 10 million people per week across its 400-plus locations”. And……the average Apple store does $50 Million a year Amazing numbers, yes? Here is one more. Six months and counting before the … Continue reading

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Apple’s 4th quarter earnings results and new level of cash reserves have quickly become well-known. See my last post. I’m wondering though about the spin-off earnings Apple has created for other businesses? App developers, musicians with iTunes sales, iPod, iPhone, … Continue reading

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Some core points of Apple’s fourth quarter earnings

Five years ago, the iPhone and iPad did not exist. Today they represent 72% of Apple’s earnings. This is not longer just a computer company. It has been re-imagined into a tech company, or a mobile company or a….I don’t … Continue reading

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Mobile Branding

There are two clear leaders in mobile operating systems. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. I think that the winner in the race to build equity in their brand with sales of mobile phones is Apple. Google’s model is to provide … Continue reading

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The Apple of His Eye

Steve Jobs created products people didn’t know they needed and then they decided they just had to have them regardless of their cost. Only a visionary can do that. Too bad his vision is gone.

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Apple Is Very Appy

Check out this amazing infographic about the growth of the applications business.                   http://www.fastcodesign.com/1662357/infographic-the-astronomical-growth-of-the-app-business

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