Getting away

Tomorrow, I’m doing just that! I will be getting on a plane early in the day and traveling to a part of my country I have never seen. For an entire week I will be with friends I haven’t seen in a very long time too. Yes, I am very excited about my vacation!

For me though, there is a part of travel that is just as exciting as reaching your destination. And that is the anticipation of going away. Knowing that the time away is coming, that mental countdown you go through is one of the greatest small joys in life that you can have. It’s also the part of the trip that doesn’t cost anything!

Can’t wait to get there, can’t wait to go. It’s all good! Now…..I wonder…..which camera am I going to take?

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Guard rails, speed bumps and yellow lines

These are are physical barriers designed for safety and controlling traffic flow. Typically, they are installed after a road is built. 

I wonder why some people choose to install similar types of barriers before relationships get built? When they do, it pretty much ensures they aren’t going to get very far very fast. It’s likely they may not ever reach their destination? 

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Giving and receiving

With a hug they are equal….

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Words of wisdom

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you things.”

F. Capra

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A seniors moment

I am not a senior. I have been told by many, that I don’t look my age and I don’t act my age, the latter I am quite proud of! 

At 62, I qualify for retail discounts pretty much everywhere but I don’t even think of taking advantage of the offers. And that’s my point, in my mind I am absolutely convinced that I am at least 10 years younger than I really am. It’s a belief that runs very deep. 

Demographic categories from Gen Y to Boomers are part of our language. I choose not to listen, says this stubborn old guy!

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If money is your measure of how successful you are in life, get a new ruler.

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Speaking out

When you do, does that mean you should be negatively labeled as outspoken. I don’t think so!

Speaking up is okay too.

If you have something to say……say it.

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An exchange at the bank

Yes I was there to do a transaction, but the exchange wasn’t about money. It was an exchange of thoughtful words essentially between strangers. The short conversation between the bank teller and myself went like this….

Me: “I would like to transfer some funds and get a money order”

Her: “Who would you like it made out to?”

Me: “A law firm” (and I gave her the correct spelling of the name of the the firm and the amount)

Her: “Oh, are you buying something?” 

Me: ” I wish I was, but I’m just paying my legal fees”

Her: “Maybe you are buying something…..maybe you’re buying peace”

I looked at her in utter amazement and quickly realized that she was actually right, or at least that was the long term intent. I smiled at her and said “yes, that is what I’m buying” and told her how much I appreciated her insightful comment. 

I will never forget this short exchange. Yes it was meaningful but more than that it made me realize that unless we are truly authentic with ourselves and others, even if we don’t know who they are, this would never have happened. It was a subtle positive affirmation for me and it more than made my day… a very peaceful way. 

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It’s official. Today is the first day of spring!

Today symbolizes growth, newness and energy. It means we are going to experience longer days, warmth and types of outdoor activities that mean we can relax a bit.

So, let’s shed some layers of clothing and open up our minds to the possibility of new beginnings and opportunities.

It’s official. Today is the day for a new and improved and positive attitude. Enjoy!!

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How to be more happy

This is only one way but in my view one of the most important. You will be happier when you have more friends. 

Want to know how to make more friends? Don’t be interesting, be interested.

Want to keep the friends you have? Nourish the friendship with a “Crackerjack moment”. Offer up a little surprise which can be a small gift, a card for no reason or even just a kind word. It will be so appreciated and remembered. 

Now go hug a friend….and both of you will be happy!

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