Face time

I don’t mean the time we spend in person in front of others. I mean how much time, and effort have you put into creating a great picture of yourself for all of your social media channels?

What people should see is a clean shot of your smiling face, showing what you look like and your personality. That early impression is lasting, even in a photo.

Your profile image should not be a selfie with a cluttered background. It should also not be a picture of your dog or cat. Travel scenes tell me you travel, that’s all. It’s also hard to figure out which person you are in a group shot, especially if we’ve never met!

I wonder how many more likes and contacts you will make by showing a friendly smile? Or even your smiling eyes? It’s worth the time it takes to do it right. As most small things are!

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Your sixth sense

Yes, there is one. It’s called your state of mind.

Do you want to improve yours? Then do whatever it takes to fire up any of the other five senses. A combination of any of them will be even more impactful.

Here is a quick, easy, fast and free way to change your state of mind. Go outside! It’s as simple as going for a walk in a park. Even better find a trail or path in the woods and go for a slow walk.

Another tip. Turn off your smartphone!

http://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/ Yes….it’s a thing. And it makes a lot of “sense”.

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A fraudulent title

What the hell is a “Thought Leader”?

Does that mean I should follow your thinking? What credentials does one need to use this lofty title? Do you have any education or training?

To me, it’s a fraud and a facade to hide behind. Nice try!

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Quotable quote

“The one who has the least to say speaks the most”.

How true. This truism came from a good friend who was relaying their frustration about attending group meetings, training sessions, etc. This is really another way of saying quit wasting everyone’s time.

As usual, the best quotes can come from a conversation with someone who has something meaningful to say.

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Going on a diet implies you’re going to eventually get off one. 

I wonder if the results would be better if we simply made healthy long term changes to what and how much we eat?

Oh, and getting more active is also a good choice!

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More new words…..

Here are the new words describing certain behaviours that are trending in the world of online dating.

  • Ghosting: one stops communicating without warning and just disappears 
  • Benching: one has been sidelined and only called when needed
  • Zombieing: suddenly, after an extended absence, one appears from nowhere
  • Breadcrumbing: leaving a message with only a symbol or icon, with no words to give it any real meaning

Doesn’t sound like a good time to me!

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Are you a locavore?

I like it when I’m reading and I stumble on a word I’ve never read before. I had a hunch what it meant but I still took the time to get the definition. It means you eat locally grown or raised food. So yes there is now a whole new restaurant category catering to…..you guessed it…..locavores!

The definition of “local” apparently needs to be defined too! The radius, in miles,  really varies. The bigger the city the farther away the food sources are! 

Bon Appetit!!

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Thinking forward

Britain gets it. The global climate is changing, legislators there recognize it and they have the vision to do something about it. They have recently announced a ban of new diesel and gas engines by 2040. There are also short term initiatives being taken to reduce emissions for health reasons. 

This is taking a leadership role on a global issue. I applaud loudly. 

I wonder what has happened to Tesla’s stock value this past week?

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On average we speak at 225 words per minute. We are capable of hearing 500 words a minute. 

I wonder, if we stop trying to make up the difference when people are talking to us, wouldn’t we become better listeners?

The result of  being more engaged as a listener is that you will become a sought after conversationalist. 

Your friends and family and co-workers…..even strangers, will appreciate the effort and you might even learn something. Are you listening?

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When we think of our relationships we typically are having thoughts and feelings about relationships with others.

I wonder how much better our relationships with others could be if we first focused on the the one relationship that matters most…..and the one most often neglected. And that is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Knowing who we are and recognizing our weaknesses and working on our own self improvement would definitely enable us to have more and stronger relationships with others.

Gotta go….I have a lot of work to do!


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