Online subscriptions

This comment is directed to any online business that offers a paid subscription service.

If I like what you are offering and choose to sign up by paying a monthly or annual fee then please, do yourself a huge long term favour and don’t hide your cancellation agreement.

Display your terms i.e., “you must cancel 24 hours before the free two week trial ends”, everywhere and often on your sign up page. Don’t hide it. Show it plainly and clearly.

This will not only create an image of trust, it will also result in a huge reduction of poor reviews because you seemingly cheated us.

I wonder how many more sign ups you would get because you didn’t hide the fine print. You’re allowed to have a policy. Just be upfront about your rules. More people will like you longer. We may even say nice things about you!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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