Positive journaling

I’m one of those people that has a need to keep my thoughts and ideas. Often, I will think of something and if I don’t find a way to keep it, it’s quickly forgotten. 

In an attempt to end the frustration I bought a journal. It’s working. I now have one place to capture my personal thoughts and observations. Unlike this blog, I do not intend to share what I write in my journal….something has to remain private!

My entries are not a daily “to do” list, although I do find myself thinking in detail about short and long term goals, or things I want to accomplish.

As often happens to me, once I start something I will stumble on articles online supporting what I am doing. Sure enough, in a kismet kind of way, in one of the many blogs and newsletters I subscribe to, I find an article about ‘positive journaling’.

The suggestion, to create a positive mindset, is to do this daily:

  • List three amazing things that happened yesterday
  • How could I have made yesterday a little bit better?
  • Today I am grateful for?
  • What would make the rest of today great?
  • Today I strive to be?

There are two immediate results by doing this every morning. It keeps you in the moment of today and it wakes you up very quickly. I see other positive benefits happening too, so I will let you know about my experience in future posts.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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