Children’s Books

The classic book for a young child tells a story based on a central idea or theme and is often beautifully illustrated. 

My collection of these books is growing and I don’t have any young children. I buy them for myself because I appreciate not only the creativity but also because I admire the skill of the author. In just a few pages, these skilled writers can convey valuable lessons and ideas that can be taught and learned by anyone of any age.

Next time you are in a book store or buying books online check out the children’s book section. When you do, please realize and appreciate what makes these books so different from an “adult” book. At the concept stage the writer has to have such a clear vision of the story line to then be able to enable the illustrator to create the the right drawings and images to support the story. I always wonder what the artist must feel like when they have that “ah hah” moment about what the story will look like. I guess it’s much the same process when a popular book is turned into a great movie!

And remember, if you are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for an adult, they will always remember you gave them a book for their inner child!

Here is a starter recommendation that is my favourite in my collection. It’s called,  What Do You Do With An Idea, written by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom. 

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