Not the kind you physically carry with you on a trip. The kind we carry around that no one can see. 

We all carry emotional baggage. No one is immune. If you don’t have any you’re not living or you’re living a life of ignorance and denial. Some would argue that’s a form of mental baggage too. 

Want to know how to lighten your load? 

First, deal with your own weighty stuff. With some focus and attention you have a good chance of making changes because if you want to fix things you can. You can always empty your own bag of crap because it’s yours to deal with. 

Second, don’t try to make other people’s issues yours. Typically they don’t want or appreciate your efforts to help. They may even enjoy wallowing in their issues or worse, may not realize they have a problem to deal with. Be very careful if asked for help. A plea for help is often someone else’s lazy attempt to get others to magically make things disappear. We all know that’s just an illusion. 

I wonder how much of our own baggage is real or imagined?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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