Want a like new home?

If you’re happy with your space and don’t need to make structural changes and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, buying and moving and still want something new, paint the interior. 

Don’t be afraid of a radical change. Pay a few extra dollars and hire a designer and go for it. Then hire reputable painters so it’s done properly. Voila! New space for relatively little cost. 

A tip to painters giving quotes. Talk about the benefits of the end results more and less about the disruption it takes to get there. Just one example. Find out if your prospective customers like to entertain. If they do, then talk about how proud they will be inviting their friends and family into their “new” home. Painting the picture will get you more business at a higher price. 

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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