Looking Back

I recently turned 60 years old. More than previous birthdays I seem to be spending more time reflecting and looking back at my life. I’m very lucky as my memories are good ones and the view they give me is I see myself as having enjoyed a simpler, slower, less complicated era in time.

I wonder when a child of today, when he or she turns 60, what will they see in their rear view mirror? I have a hunch they will remember something quite different and not nearly so comforting.

I’m glad I grew up at a time where we knew less. Our world was small and us little people spent it together, outside, making up things to do. Innocence prevailed and it was protected by responsible adults that made up a community that cared about us.

How lucky am I now? Very! Life is good in this much faster and more complicated big world of ours. I don’t wish to go back, I’m happy where I am. And I know not everyone can say that. Not bad for an “old” guy huh?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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