Food Scam

I guess we need to read food labels more closely! Check out how this apparent brand of ice cream is hiding their lie. It looks like ice cream, it was chosen from the ice cream freezer in the grocery store. Apparently it’s just a spam product! By their very small print admission the product is actually called a “Frozen Dessert”.


Now look at the ingredients list. This isn’t even close to ice cream. It’s manufactured trickery!


This was discovered purely by accident. I wonder how many other food scams are to be found in the freezer or fridge?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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1 Response to Food Scam

  1. The Sustainabilitist says:

    The vast majority of products found in a typical supermarket could be regarded as food scam in one form to another. Hence the importance of consuming real food that is cooked by our own hands…

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