Which way do you go?


You have a choice. Take the Easy path or the More Difficult one. It’s decision time, but you have to decide without having all the information. How easy is it? Why is the other path more difficult. Fear of making the wrong choice begins to creep in.

Most took the easy route to the top of the trail, I guess because they think they will have to expend less effort. Turns out, they made a bad choice by taking it “easy”. Likely they had not prepared for this in advance too.

I had done some research about different trails in the area and chose this one because I wanted to see what I had read about. My fear was that I may not see those features if I chose the easy route.

The more difficult trail to the top was not only incredibly more scenic but the trail zig zagged up the mountain through the forest so that you really didn’t realize you were walking up such a steep slope. The views made me stop countless times to take many photos which were all the breaks I needed to easily keep going.

The reward at the top was worth the challenge. The emerald lakes and streams and waterfalls were shockingly beautiful. How do I know the easy route to the same destination was not as scenic and was actually more difficult? I walked down the mountain on the easy path and passed people who we’re walking up the gravel steep slope with nothing to really see other than the apparent endless trudge up a boring path.

So, without being given any information the Easy way was actually more difficult as was proven by the pain on the faces of those I passed. I wonder if they learned that taking the hard route may not be so bad after all?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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