No the title of this post is not a typo. I just made up a new word. Hey, maybe it has a shot at Word of the Year for 2014? Yea right.

How current are you? How much currentcy do you have?

A great way to find out is to have a conversation with a 10 or a 16 year old. Ask them questions. Find out what they think about. Watch them use technology. You will quickly find out how up to date or how current you are.

Some of us older types may not care or think its a waste of time. I don’t think so. Things are changing in so many walks of life that it’s difficult to keep pace. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore change. Learning something or doing something new is always a good use of your precious time.

Go learn something new and make a currentcy deposit in your life. You’ll be richer for it!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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