The Root Cause

Too often, when we have a problem or issue when dealing with another person, we react to the event that is unfolding at that moment. The inevitable result is that this often provides fuel that makes the problem worse.

At some point, if we would just stop reacting and try to determine of the cause of the problem, that clarity and understanding would go a long way to creating a solution to the problem.

I wonder why we don’t do this? It sounds easy doesn’t it? We don’t do it because we don’t know where to look? The root cause of a problem often isn’t so obvious. In fact, you will often find the cause that started the series of events is intangible and you have to dig deep to see it. Here’s a big hint. Stop looking for what somebody did. Just pay more attention to who they are and you will find the answer will become so obvious you will ask yourself “why didn’t I see that”?

Once you know “who” and not “what” you are dealing with, the solution to putting an end to the issue will come quick.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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