How to improve your golf game

If you are a “weekend warrior” and want to improve your game and the experience, there are only two things you need to know. That’s it, only two.

1. Take a lesson from a professional
2. Practice what you’ve learned (HINT: do this on the chipping or putting green and the driving range, not while playing a round!)

Until you do these two things, and do them repetitively, nothing will change. Forget about the new shiny club technology and the number and shape of dimples on your golf ball. Learn the proper fundamentals first. Who knows, you might save a ton of money by not having to buy the latest gizmo or gadget disguised as the solution to all your swing problems.

You want proof this is the way to go? Phil Mickelson, who just won the British Open, his 5th major tournament title, was on the driving range before his final round with his trainer and coach standing right beside him.

My next step? Setting up a lesson. With a pro.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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