Creating attention….for yourself

I recently had a printing company design and print my own personal card. It’s the same universal size as any business card but it only contains my personal contact information.

The front includes the usual coordinates like cell phone, home address and my own logo….the one on this blog, name, e-mail, the usual stuff but only personal. I chose to use the back so that anyone interested in going to my blogs, web site, or want to connect with me on various social media sites, all the URL addresses are conveniently there.

Since getting them professionally printed on quality stock paper with a gloss finish I am amazed at people’s reactions when I hand them one. Somehow my credibility goes up and there is more interest in what’s on the card as in “nobody does this” or “I’ve never seen this before”. In my competitive sales world the card is the fastest ice breaker I’ve ever used. Why? Because now they are curious and are asking questions about my blogs or social media experience. By the time a business discussion starts there seems to be a higher level of comfort or trust because I have done something that stands out and has caught their attention. Who knew?

I even used it the other day at a retail store when they asked if I wanted to sign up for their newsletter. Again the reaction caused a conversation essentially between two strangers. The person behind me wasn’t too happy though. Too bad.

And, as a little side note, the name of the font used only for my name on the front of the card is Murray Hill. Yes, really, I’m not making this up. There is a font named Murray Hill. How cool is that!!

I wonder why more people don’t have a personal card? Do you have a logo or brand image for yourself? If not what would it look like? What would it say or represent about you? It’s a fun and challenging exercise to come up with one so I highly recommend you try.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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  1. Tom McCollum says:

    Great idea––thanks for sharing!


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