The Winning Advertiser

Sure, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl because they have a talented team led by a quarter back who had something to prove. I suggest though, that winning is helped by making better decisions and being prepared to make changes to your game plan based on what the opposition throws at you.

By being ready to take advantage of an unknown opportunity, Oreo cookies should get the trophy for the winning ad! The opportunity to buy a $4 million dollar ad is available to any company who has $4 million. Oreo wins with a tweet!

Oreo was ready to participate when the power went out in the Super Dome! Because they were better prepared than anyone else with an empowered team they were able to tweet a picture with a dimly lit Oreo cookie with the caption…”you can still dunk in the dark” out to millions of people before the power was fully restored in only 34 minutes!

There should be a trophy handed out to the winning advertiser. I wonder what the trophy should look like? Maybe an Oreo cookie hovering over a glass of milk?? How about a large bowl of Oreo’s??

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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