Marketing the weather


The tourism marketing folks for the Long Beach Lodge on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the small town of Tofino are good at what they do. Real good.

Right now it’s “storm season” on the coast. Normally this would be considered off season for travel and accommodation bookings as the typical old attitude would be “who would want to come here now?”

Not the folks in Tofino. They chose to market the coastal storms as “you gotta see this….it’s cold, windy and wet outside but it’s cozy and warm inside our lodge!” Brilliant. Apparently, there is no room at the Inn!!!!

I wonder if we could do better job at promoting Winnipeg in our cold winter months?

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I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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1 Response to Marketing the weather

  1. Jen McLeod says:

    I guess if you could convince people that Winnipeg in winter is as pretty as Tofino during a storm…?

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