The Betterizer

Does your business have one? Amazon does. Just click on their Betterizer tab and you are asked what you like in music, movies and books. The result is they now have a better idea of what will entice you to buy. And buy we do because we are being offered what we like.

Recently I decided to move my personal banking from a credit union to a bank. I have been a customer at the credit union for 12 years. Did they do anything wrong? No. Other than they never once asked me what I liked about their service or how they could deliver it better. They certainly never asked if I needed anything. Would I have remained a customer if they did ask? Maybe along the way yes it would have helped because its a lot of work to move your personal financial banking.

I wonder why more businesses don’t have a Betterizer? Big or small all you have to do is ask, how can we make it better for you to keep you as a customer.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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