USA Debt Clock

New York City

Above photo taken February 2009.

New York City

Above photo taken February 2012.

These shots of the US National Debt Clock, in New York City, only 3 years apart, tell a very big and ugly story. The moral of that story? The clock is ticking.

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I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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2 Responses to USA Debt Clock

  1. Kevin Sweryd says:

    Indeed the clock is ticking, some would say it is already two minutes to midnight. (why yes that is an Iron Maiden reference)

    The real question is “is there a governement out there…indeed is there even a politcal will among any of us to stop spending, demanding, or consuming…in a way that could turn back the hands of time on this clock?”

  2. swissecon says:

    And why is there only one candidate proposing less spending? And why is he largely ignored by the people/media?

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