“Hi, could you tell me how much this costs”?

It’s a question we have all asked when we are close to making a purchase decision and the price of the item isn’t clearly marked. The answer is always clear and easy to understand as it is a fixed amount not including any taxes.

I guess big and heavy things are priced differently. A recent car dealership radio ad was describing the features (no benefits) of a new model vehicle and at the end of the ad the price was given with the usual caveat attached, “not including freight”.

What the hell is that about. If you want to tell me the price, tell me the price. How do I know what freight costs. If anything, I’m thinking its a lot because cars are big and heavy. If I was interested, I have just decided not to go to that dealership because I don’t know what the answer will be to the price question!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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