Some core points of Apple’s fourth quarter earnings

Five years ago, the iPhone and iPad did not exist. Today they represent 72% of Apple’s earnings. This is not longer just a computer company. It has been re-imagined into a tech company, or a mobile company or a….I don’t even know what to call it.

To borrow a few notable points from a Tech Crunch article posted today:

  • “Apple’s profit of $13.1 Billion (Q4 2011) was equal to their revenue in Q4 2010”. (That’s 15 months ago!!)
  • “Apple now has $97.6 Billion in cash and equivalents”. “This is worth more than all but 52 companies on earth”
  • “Apple’s profits for the last quarter exceed Google’s entire revenue for the last quarter”.
  • “At a $400 Billion market cap, Apple is worth more than Greece”.
  • “Wal-Mart has more than double the revenues of Apple but Apple has more than four times the profit of Wal-Mart”.
  • “The iTunes store generated 50% more revenue than all of Yahoo did last quarter”.

There’s more, but I’m done. And what’s on the horizon for Apple this year? The iPad 3 in the spring and the new Apple TV (which will be a flat screen TV) in the fall.

If only the imagineer was alive to witness this jaw dropping growth. And all he did was create products people wanted that they didn’t even know they needed!!!


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