The Missing Boomers

I’m missing something here. I was just reading the Globe and Mail online. Two articles I read back-to-back. The first was about a list of the top 10 TV ads for 2011 and the other was about us Baby Boomers changing the face of the Canadian housing market.

I find it ironic (again) that if we are going to have such an impact on the Canadian economy for decades to come, not one of the top 10 ads had anything to do with any product or service we need now or in the future. And….none of the actors used in any of the ads were even close to representing this older age group.

Don’t get me wrong these are outstanding ads for a wide range of products and services. Some will even make you laugh out loud.

However, the first Boomers in North America are turning 65 years old in 2011, so this long-awaited monied age wave is coming. I wonder when or if marketers are going to wake up and see the huge potential?

Here is the link to the top 10 list….and the real estate article.


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