Blowin’ in the Wind

When I walk by the big discount book table in Walmart I usually give it a quick scan and keep going. Today though, a the cover of a stack of children’s books caught my attention. It was a beautifully illustrated book of Bob Dylan’s lyrics for his 60’s protest song, Blowin’ in the Wind. I bought it because the concept of the intersection of a 50 year old folk anthem and a book for children amused me. On the surface it didn’t make sense. After several reads, it does now! The message is as universal then as it is now. War, human rights, freedom; they’re still with us. This book enables us to see through the eyes of children that “the answer by friend, is blown’ in the wind.” Intersections are things that aren’t supposed to be brought together, but when they do and they work, it is a very powerful way of delivering a message.

The publisher is Sterling Children’s Books, the title is “Blowin’ in the Wind, word and music (a free CD of the song) by Bob Dylan and illustrations by Jon J. Muth

I wonder how many will be left when I go back tomorrow to buy a few more?

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