Resolve not to wait for January 1st

I’m as guilty as anyone. If I want to start something, like a weight loss plan or an exercise plan (or both) about this time of year I will look at the calendar and think, “you know Murray, New Year’s is only a few weeks away, so I’ll wait till then to make my resolution.”

Only once did I ever stick to a New Year’s resolution!

I am currently working on a project for work. It’s important and when everything is in place I believe it will make a big difference in my performance. I know that I can work to a self imposed deadline so I looked at a calendar, decided to push myself and picked a date. Instead of waiting (putting it off) until January 1st to start, New Year’s day is when I will have finished the project, putting me in a position to start the new year with something new!

Happy New Year!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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