Now I’ve Seen It All… I Think?

I wonder, what were they thinking????

Quick response codes are just a fancy bar code that is meaningless until it is scanned. To be scanned, it requires a scanner app to be installed on your smart phone which then requires a steady hand as the phone’s camera focuses on the code.

Hopefully the code is stationary (not moving) so the scan can be successful and not be on an ad on the side of a city bus moving 60km’s down a local street.

Wait, I’ve got it. I’m supposed to focus my phone’s camera with the scan app already open, on the side of the bus at a red light. Right.

Maybe the Winnipeg Art Gallery should get the gold medal for “jumping on the cool, hip bandwagon” award without thinking about what you are doing. But wait, I could be wrong. I am not positively sure it was a bus ad for the art gallery as I was too busy driving. Wish I had my camera ready!

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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