Low Level Apology

I seem to be on a trend with my ‘wonderings’ about the sincerity and quality of some public apologies that have recently become (apparently) news worthy. Here is another one I wonder about.

Jet Blue got some unwanted attention last week when they left a plane load of passengers on their plane on the tarmcac for 7 hours. Naturally they had some ‘splaining to do, which they did, and then handed out some free passes for their customers troubles. The part that makes no sense to me is that the apology for their screw up came from a Jet Blue customer service representative. When an event like this happens that makes international news, don’t you think a personal apology should be delivered by someone from the C-suites? I guess not…..

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I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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1 Response to Low Level Apology

  1. Dave Connell says:

    I agree Murray. Should have been a senior executive.
    Why didn’t they return to gate and disengage passengers. Only one strip to drive on. If there is no plan to excape the takeoff line up, there should be.
    Another traveler,
    Dave Connell
    APPLAUSE POWER Professional Speaker Division.

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