It’s Google Time!

This is too funny. Today, November 6/11 at 11:15am the Google Hot Trend searches in Canada were:

1. Toronto time

2. Heure Montreal

3. Edmonton

4. Montreal time

5. Calgary time

6. Ottawa time

7. Vancouver time

8. Amber Kirman

9. Marie Claude Bourbonnais

10. Winnipeg time

I can just picture all these sleepy Canadians waking up on this Sunday morning and not having a sweet clue what time it was. So, Google to the rescue! “Hey honey, what time is it?”. “I don’t know, Google it!” 

It’s interesting to see that both English and French speaking people from Montreal were equally confused. Winnipeg of course, “clocks in” at 10th place! I wonder if we all slept in a little later or we really didn’t care to know the time until we had our first cup of coffee?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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