I’m Sorry (but is it really me?)

The Neepawa Natives, a Manitoba Junior Hockey League team have been in local and national news because of a recently reported hazing incident. After much navel gazing and finger pointing the necessary apology to their league, fans, parents, players and community has finally been provided. But by whom? The apology has been placed on the team’s web site! So much for standing up and being personally accountable. Worse than this is that neither the player apology and team leadership (board?) apology names or identifies one player or board member. If your apology is sincere and is to be believed tell us who you are and don’t conveniently hide behind the anonymity of a web site. I wonder, who really wrote the words of the apology. Without seeing and hearing the emotion of the people involved, the apology is worthless and meaningless.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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