How to Increase the Value of What You Know

You are educated and you have gained experience in the workplace. You may have spent a good portion of your work life in one specific industry and believe you really know your stuff. Why then are so many of you wondering why you can’t seem to get to the next level of income or position? I believe that it is because most of us are waiting to be asked to take on tasks or a project. Instead of waiting to be discovered or appointed, make a conscious decision to do what you think needs to be done. To quote Roy Williams… “Recognition is what you receive when other people see the value of your expertise”.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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1 Response to How to Increase the Value of What You Know

  1. I agree. Sure, a passive life is safer and less prone to social risk. But you will never get a chance to experience the rewards that come from accomplishing that almost impossible task; bringing that project in that everyone said couldn’t be done on time and under budget.. Let’s hear it for the long reach.

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