Out of Season Messages

Yesterday, I stumbled on two messages from two businesses that left me wondering, if they care so little why should I (as a consumer) care at all.
The first instance I saw was while waiting to pay my lunch bill at a local franchise of a national chain. At the bottom of the receipt there is an invitation to “come join us for the lazy days of summer and enjoy our tasty wings on the PATIO”. Even though it was a balmy day with an above average February temperature in Winnipeg I guess the message wasn’t being read by too many people as the patio was empty!
The second message was on a sign on a local auto repair business. It was urging people to “winterize your car now and beat the rush”. It’s February people! If you want proof look out your window at the piles of snow.
It’s easy and free to look after these small details and to do it right. But when they are wrong the cost of the damage to your image is much higher. Or worse, maybe nobody cares.

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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