Tried That And It Didn’t Work

While listening to a local radio station this week a commercial for an auto body repair shop stood out from all the other blah blah blah ads. The business was promoting their skill in repairing vehicles with hail damage. Okay, but the date the ad ran was November 9th!
For the life of me I could not even remember a hail storm this past summer, bad enough to cause damage to gardens never mind cars. In the off chance that anyone shows up with their hail damaged car, the body shop owner will start to think their advertising isn’t working and then when asked about how the campaign went will utter the immortal words, “oh radio, I tried that and it didn’t work”.
I wonder what the station sales rep will say when he/she suggests the shop buy more advertising and the owner says “I tried your station and it didn’t work”?

About Murray Hill

I am a proud Canadian that wonders around. A lot!
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